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sweet little eggs

Screenshot from the iPad game Sweet Little Eggs

A high-speed egg-matching game for iPad. Now available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

Available on the AppStore badge with Apple iPad logo

[Click here for a video preview]

a very magical caterpillar tale

Screenshot from the iPad app A Very Magical Caterpillar Tale

An animated children's storybook for your computer or iPad. A companion printed picture book will also be available.

The story of the butterfly life cycle, told through wiggling, fluttering, talking illustrations.

Coming soon.

cupcakes take over the bitter world with their sweetness

Screenshot from the iPad game Sweet Little Eggs

A bouncy accelerometer-tilt game for iPhone and iPad, complete with an in-game level editor.

[Click here for a video preview]

Coming soon.

...and more

We have other apps in the pipeline that are still top secret (not necessarily games).

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